Assadour Guzelian

was born in Sovouk Olouk, Cilicia, on 14th May 1932. He was the fifth child of Garabed and Rahel Guzelian. In 1939 the family moved to Aleppo, Syria, where Assadour attended the Kilikian School, obtaining his diploma of primary education in 1948. He then studied for seven years at the Armenian Seminary of the Catholicosate of Cilicia in Antelias, Lebanon, from which he graduated in 1955. During the scholastic year 1955-56 Guzelian taught at Kilikian School in Aleppo.

1957 Assadour Guzelian was invited to Calcutta, India, to teach classical and modern Armenian, as well as Armenian literature and history at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, which was founded in 1821. In addition to his duties as a teacher, Guzelian, with the participation of members of the community, as well as students from the Armenian College and Davidian Girls School, established a choir and a theatrical group, gaving concerts and staging plays. Guzelian was also appointed the conductor of the Armenian Church choir. With the aim of revitalising the cultural life of the community he consented to become the secretary of Haikazian Cultural Society and delivered regular lectures on Armenian history and culture. The prestigious Asiatic Society of India invited Guzelian to become a member of the Society. On the occasion of the1600th Anniversary of the invention of the Armenian alphabet, Guzelian gave a lecture to the learned members of the society dedicated to St. Mesrop Mashtots (inventor of the alphabet) and 5th Century Armenian literature. Guzelian was also invited to become member of the Calcutta Music Club, where he delivered a number of lectures on Armenian music.

1957 Guzelian married Vivienne Alexy and the couples were later blessed with two daughters – Karine and Armine.

In 1963 Guzelian visited Armenia for the first time, as the guest of the Ministry of Education and stayed in the motherland for two months.

During the Soviet period Guzelian visited Armenia on four more occasions as the guest of the Committee for Cultural Relations with Armenians Abroad. Since independence he has been visiting Armenia, at least twice a year.

In 1964 Assadour Guzelian and his family settled in London, England. That same year in December he was appointed the Editor of “Aregak”, an Armenian monthly published by Mr. Haik Galoustian, a well-known businessman from Iran.

Guzelian also edited the “London Armenian Monthly”, which he published from 1974 to 1976.

In parallel with his journalistic work Guzelian became actively involved in the community’s national, educational and cultural life as a member of the Cultural Committee of the Armenian House and secretary to the Armenian Community and Church Council.

A. Guzelian has written many articles, short stories, essays and poems, which have been published in the Armenian press worldwide. In 1960 “Sevan Press” published his first poem book entitled “Hamo Yev Fatile”. Whilst In India, on the occasion of the birth centenary of Rabindranath Tagor, Guzelian wrote an extensive essay dedicated to the life and works of the great Indian writer, which was published in “Tsirani Goti” magazine In the United States.

For almost 30 years, in the U.K., Guzelian has been closely associated with the British media. He has given many interviews to the British press, television and radio regarding events and issues related to Armenia and the Armenians, including the genocide and Artsakh. 1988 when Armenia was devastated by the horrible earthquake, Guzelian held daily programs on radio and television with the aim of obtaining material and other forms of assistance for Armenia.

1977 Guzelian decided to go in to business and established his own commercial enterprise called Tevglow Ltd.

Guzelian has enjoyed personal friendship and correspondences with most of the Armenian writers, musicians, artists, scientists and national leaders of his time, such as Parouyr Sevak, Gevorg Emin, Hovhanness Shiraz, William Saroyan, Aram Khachatourian, Arno Babadjanyan, Alexander Haroutounian, Edward Mirzoyan, Pavel Lisitsian, Gohar Gasparian, Loucine Zakaryan, Victor Hambardzoumian to mention but few. Guzelian has probably been the only person to whom Aram Khachatourian – the great Armenian composer- has written in Armenian, which letters he has donated to the Aram Khachatourian Museum in Yerevan. Khachatourian was so impressed by the poem entitled “Amenayn Hayots Yerajisht”, which Guzelian wrote in February 1977 and dedicated to him that on his return to Moscow he started to compose music based on the poem. Unfortunately the author of the “Sabre Dace” passed away in 1978 before completing the task.

Vivienne and Assadour Guzelian have three grand sons, Alexander (7), James (5+) and Michael (4). At present Guzelian’s main hobby is “Tornikasiroutyoun”!