Currently production has been stopped for “Empty Bottles.” We are pursuing the preparation through animation for commercials to be made available for various industries.
The current project being prepared is for the airlines which we hope to present to the various airline industry to see which would have an interest in our commercial. We will then add other commercials through animation to various industries.
Later we shall post the commercial on our website for the public to view.

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ara baliozian

Ara Baliozian

Ara Baliozian is one of the greatest Armenian contemporary writers, but unfortunately most Armenians do not know about him or his works. He has published close to 20 books over the last 20 years and is acclaimed highly by the foreign media, like Gosdan Zarian and Shahan Shahnour before him, which goes to prove that our anti-establishment writers are not rejected because of the literary quality of their works, but only because of their ideas and their criticism of the Armenian establishment.

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vahan tekeyan

Vahan Tekeyan

Vahan Tekeyan was known as a perfectionist, because lit always looked for the precise word. He was born in Istanbul in 1878 and educated in the Armenian schools there. His first poems were collected and published in 1901. Besides his own books, he published translations of French symbolist poetry and the sonnets of Shakespeare. The sonnet remained his favorite form.

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Empty Bottles

Film By Zorro Ohanessian Currently in production The true story of one man’s struggle with pain and self concept.

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Armenian Alphabet Game

The “Alphabet” is an educational computer game the aim of which is to help you to learn the Armenian alphabet. It is principally designed for the children who learn the Armenian scripts at the elementary school Read More